The Bampton Clinic
Moonraker Lane
Market Square
OX18 2JH

Call my mobile: 07778570891 or Call the Clinic: 01993 851359

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The lovely people of Bampton have organised a fund raising event on Saturday 12th March between 10am and 12pm in support of the Ukrainians suffering from this tragedy. Cakes, coffee, tea and a raffle with some wonderful prizes. Come along....
#UkrainianCrisis #ukraine #Bampton #redcross #stopthewar

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"The world valued efficiency above resilience. We have to revisit that. We cannot run the NHS and health systems around the world at 105%: in the end they will fall over, as happened in 2020."

@JeremyFarrar @wellcometrust is interviewed by @munkeatlooi

"We have to acknowledge that people working so close to suffering, death, and despair will need spaces and time to recuperate, reflect, and re-energise their psychological health" @ClareGerada

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